2017 Summer Camp Dates

Camp  1     July 5-11             Ages 8-12          Cost: $315.00      Horse Fee: $35.00   CAMP FULL

Camp 2      July 14-20           Ages 10-13        Cost: $315.00      Horse Fee: $35.00  Camp FULL

Camp 3      July 23-26           Ages 8-10          Cost: $180.00      Horse Fee: $35.00   HORSES FULL

Camp 4      July 27                Ages 6-9            Cost: $40.00

Camp 5      Aug 1-7               Ages 13-15        Cost: $315.00       Horse Fee: $35.00   Camp FULL

Camp 6      Aug 10-16           Ages 8-12          Cost: $315.00       Horse Fee: $35.00   Camp FULL

If you wish to be on the waiting list for the “FULL” Camps, please send in your registration form. Store Every camper will have the opportunity to visit our store daily. Store money is included in the cost of the camp. Dress Code Modest clothing and swimwear are to be worn. We will ask your child to change if inappropriate clothing is worn (no short shorts, belly pants, spaghetti straps, small halter tops, pants with holes in the bottom, etc…)

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Drop off time is 4:00 – 5:30 pm on the first day of camp – no earlier than 4:00pm please. Pickup is at 3:00 pm on the final day of your camp. Day Camp (Camp 4) Registration is at 9:00 am and departure is at 5:30 pm.

Registration Deposit Registration Deposit: Please enclose a deposit of $100 per camper (except Day Camp). This is refundable up to two weeks before the camp’s starting date. Balance may be paid on or before arrival. Limit one camp per person. Your registration will be confirmed by email. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing.

Camp Activities Each camper may choose 2 of the following 7 Camp Skills: Canoeing, Biking, Archery, Crafts, Survival, Wall Climbing, Horsemanship(only 20 children per week can take this one) Other activities include: Tent Living, Swimming, Games & Skits, Rope Swing, and Campfires.

Bring To Camp

  • Warm Clothes
  • Hat
  • Modest swimwear, towel, old pair of runners for swimming
  • Flashlight & extra batteries
  • Raingear, rubber boots
  • Personal care stuff (towels, toothbrush, soap, etc…)
  • Sleeping bag, pillow, extra blanket
  • Foamie Sleeping pad
  • Bible, notebook, pen
  • Bike & helmet, if wanting to ride

Leave At Home

  • Radios, discman
  • MP3 Player
  • Cell Phone
  • Playing cards
  • Games boys
  • PS Games
  • Comic Books, magazines, occult-type books
  • Electronic games
  • Rock T-shirts
  • Nuclear Submarines