Download a Registration Form!

Winter Registration Form 2017/2018

Registration Deposit
For summer camps, please enclose a deposit of $100 per camper (except Day Camp). For Day Camp please send in the $40.00 as your deposit. This is refundable up to two weeks before the camp’s starting date. Balance may be paid on or before arrival.

Registration Confirmation
You will receive confirmation by email.

Arrival and Departure
Arrival is between 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm on the first day of your camp. Departure takes place at 3:00 pm on the final day of your camp.

If for some reason you are unable to pay the full registration fee, there are a limited number of camperships available through a trust fund. Please fill in the Campership Application Form and email it or send by regular mail to us.


The camp does have a modesty policy that is enforced. We are asking you the parent to help your child choose modest clothes including swimwear that are decent and comfortable and nice. We will ask them to change if bra straps are seen or inappropriate clothing is worn such as short shorts, belly pants, spaghetti straps, small halter tops, pants with holes in the bottom, leggings, etc.  Please have your child respect the others at the camp.  Thank you!  If you have any questions regarding this then please let us know.

Food Allergies

Every year there are a handful of children that have special diets. Gluten Free, Vegan’s, Allergies to Peanuts or Mom and Dad don’t want them to eat certain things. We do our best to feed everyone including the special diets. However, because of our camp size we do not hire a secondary cook to prepare all these things. We request that the child eat what they can in the menu that is served and bring supplementary food that is approved by health Canada to be stored in our kitchen. We cannot store unapproved things in our kitchen as we are deemed a commercial kitchen. We will do what we can to prepare the food for your child.

Please leave all cell phones, iphones, digital cameras, ipods, MP3 players, and electronic game consoles at home.

No registrations by phone, fax, or email please.
Limit one camp per person for the summer camps.
Registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis.
We do not hold spots!

$25 charge on NSF cheques.
All prices include GST.